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Linen Cloth

Linen Cloth (LC), a lowbie material, is found by killing humanoids. Despite it being a low level item, not many people will farm it, and if you have certain auction house dwellers, they tend to want to make certain clothes for their character, thus LC is beneficial if they happen to be a tailor. Check your auction house before going out and gathering stacks of this. My PvP realm has them going for a high amount, however the RP realm I'm on has them at a far lower price.

Linen Cloth uses:
Bolt of Linen Cloth: 2 LC needed to create one. The bolts benefit tailors the most.
Dynamite: 1 LC is needed as a mat for two types of dynamite--it's use is for larger mobs, or for PvP if someone has engineering.
Blacksmithing: 1 or 2 LC are needed for several different BS creations.
Bandages: If you're on a PvP realm, then people will probably buy your LC to up their first aid profession.

Selling on the AH:
Keep an eye on the prices and choose the number of stacks you're going to be putting up. With that being said, the smallest stack I'd go for in LC would be a stack of 10. Mainly because that would give me a wide variety of uses. I could make 5 bolts, or raise a few different professions more than once if I had them. I usually put up stacks for 10 and 20, rarely do I go for 5, unless there's a lot of higher stacks that cost a lot.

Auction House is all about the psychological things. If you put too many of an item up, nobody will buy it (I'm figuring they think that it's easy to get or that you're desperate to get rid of it). The same if you put a strange number up (such as stacks of 3, 7, 9, 15, etc.). Most people look for the stacks that they specifically need.

How to get the Cloth:
Wherever there are larger groups of humanoids, you'll have a better chance of obtaining LC from (if they're lower level, that is). If you're high enough level and Horde, you can go through RFC and clear out the instance for some cloth. If you're high enough level and Alliance, you can go through Deadmines. Either faction can jump in either, it's just a matter of dealing with the opposing team if they're around.

Below I'll screenshot some of the places that I found were beneficial to gathering LC.

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Copper Ore

Copper Ore, despite being a low level item, is bought all the time on both low population realms and higher ones. This is because many players--newer and older alike--tend to either change up the professions they have, or get the professions where Copper Ore is needed. Such as Jewelcrafting or Mining. You'd be surprised how many people have Mining, yet don't want to farm all the ore, so they simply buy it when they can and smelt it.
Copper Ore uses:

Prospecting: Jewelcrafters can prospect 5 ore at a time to acquire either Malachite, Tigerseye, or Shadowgem.
Smelt Copper: Miners can smelt 1 Copper Ore to create 1 Copper Bar

Selling on the AH:

Keep an eye on the prices and choose the number of stacks you're going to be putting up. With that being said, the smallest stack I'd go for in Copper Ore would be a stack of 5, because that's how many JC needs at the least to prospect. I usually put up stacks for 5, 10, and 20. I skip putting up a stack of 15 because it just looks odd on the AH, and if something doesn't look right, people won't buy it.

Auction House is all about the psychological things. If you put too many of an item up, nobody will buy it (I'm figuring they think that it's easy to get or that you're desperate to get rid of it from so much you have on there). The same if you put a strange number up (such as stacks of 3, 7, 9, 15, etc.). Most people look for the stacks that they specifically need.

With that being said, since Copper Ore is a lower level item and can be easily obtained, I believe it would be best to simply use stacks of 20 when putting them up on the AH. Again, though, look at the prices. If they look a bit high for a stack of 20, put up stacks of 10 instead and make it look like a better deal (but amp the price a tad).

Most people that have addons for the AH will see what you're doing, but may go for your stacks anyway. Those that don't use certain addons will see your prices as a better deal.

 How to get the Ore:

You'll need to get the Mining profession, first off. Next, you'll want to buy a mining pick from the local trade supplier (or another vendor you see that has one). After that, select the magnifying glass icon on your minimap and go into the tracking type. I believe it's "track minerals" or something of that nature.

If you want to search through guides on mining with pictures of specific routes, check out the Mining section.
Mining is one of the best professions to get gold from--but that's not saying every other profession can't earn just as much gold as this one. While I won't be focusing on netting cash with this profession, this is a guide for level mining through 1-275, and giving some helpful information that people will hopefully find beneficial.

There are a few places you can mine specific ore from, but I'm going to focus on one specific zone for each ore on the EK continent. I'm going to focus on one zone for each ore in order to give you the better place to find more from (as far as my studies go; it depends on your realm--how popular each zone is and the competition). But I'll also list other places, in case you didn't want to go to the zone I'd stated.

Mainly, this is for people who are at a high level (or capped) and have flying. Some of the beginning zones are simple to maneuver with only ground mounts though.

In order to begin mining, make sure you acquire a Mining Pick, otherwise you won't be able to do much when you find a node but stare at it and wish its contents were in your bag. Next, check the "Find Minerals" on the magnifying glass of your minimap.

Keep in mind that you can also level up your mining by smelting your ore!

Optional items for mining!Collapse )

Mining routes listed within!Collapse )


I'm a "tender b*tch."

Ah, I've had plenty people I've disliked over WoW; mainly their attitudes toward playing the game involving the harassment of others or downright neglect on how things work. Mechanics, that is. You know, the whole tank, healer, DPS ordeal. Tanks grab aggro, DPS take it down, being careful not to steal that aggro, and the healer heals through it all.

This isn't a way to point fingers at who sucks, mind you, but to point fingers at the people who obviously don't know how to play the game the way it's meant to be played. 

So here you are. The first post for the WoW of Shame section.
  • Who: Budder - Stormscale
  • Spec: DPS
  • Location: Maraudon
  • Reason: Because the instance is just so easy!
Well, if the instance is just so easy, why on earth were you dropping to 10% of your health on that last boss pull of yours? Why on earth would you ice block yourself and ask for heals? It just makes no sense, because--as you've said yourself--the instance is easy!

Obviously it's not that easy when you don't have a healer backing you up, now is it? 

While I was recording this dungeon run, sadly Xfire decided to have a fail moment and suddenly shut down near the end of the run. The lower level dungeons are easy with all the nerfs they've gotten over the years and the gear you can acquire these days to outmatch the mobs inside of an instance, but that doesn't give you the right to make a complete ass out of yourself, running ahead of the tank and pulling things.

I, as a healer, follow the tank. Unless they DC, then all right, that's fine, I'll follow DPS. But if they are there, I'm going to stick with them. I'm going to heal them when they pull and heal the DPS at that point too. But if you're a DPS and pull, especially if that pull is a boss, don't expect a heal. Don't even ask for a heal. Simply learn the First Aid profession and use it when you can.

So this mage is just running ahead of the tank. Running off before mobs die in order to get the next one up ahead and so on. At the end of this run, he pulls the boss who has two adds. He gets pummeled down to about 10% hp before he ice blocks and the tank grabs the aggro (quite frankly I'm glad for the tank not pulling aggro from the mage, either because he couldn't or because he didn't feel the need). The mage then asks me for a heal.

Well I'm nice here and tell them to next time not pull. Screenshot is below.

A "tender b*tch?" Really? For telling them not to pull next time? Mind you this is the last boss we did for this section, so my words really don't account for anything. But calling me that simply because I told them not to pull next time, which made their hp drop low enough for them to actually have to ask me for a heal (which I did heal them). Suppose I shouldn't have.

And it's not just the fact they said that, but how they said it. Are you so tender you can't say the actual word? Did it make you cringe to think of spelling it out properly or what?

Some people...


Level 40

The achievement you acquire after hitting level 30. That being said, you cant just jump from 30 to 40, you'll have to be at level 39 in order to reach the next step to this achievement.

This level holds quite a bit of perks for many different classes. Such as going from mail armor to plate, leather to mail, dual-wielding, specific spells for your class, etc. Another big perk is you get another pep in your mount's step with an upgrade in mount speed. Don't forget when you get the mount speed to purchase a mount with faster speed. No use staying with the slower speed, right?

Level 30

The achievement you get after hitting level 20.

I'm going to go ahead and say it: there's nothing special about acquiring this level. Except for Dual Talent Specialization! Woohoo! There could also be some skills that your toon could get, but nothing much more than that. Unless, of course, you hit the level in a unique way. If that's the case, then I'd love to hear about it.

I know how some people can level via mining, archaeology, pvp, random impossible kill that became possible. All of those are random (unless you're shooting for some kind of odd level-up--perhaps as a guild thing).

Level 20

Once you complete the level 10 achievement, the next step up would be the hitting of level 20.

I don't know why, but the levels of 10-15 are the longest ever for me. Maybe they take the most time just because the lower level brackets of BGs are hard to win for all the people who don't know what to do to win them, and also because the opposing team is usually full of heirloom gear, meaning they can't be taken down easily, and they hit too hard for your to even stand a chance.

Also at the level 15 mark you get to queue for dungeons, so maybe it's the anticipation of that too that makes the leveling process seems so long. Once you start questing as well as doing dungeons, and the quests in them, you'll get to level 20 in no time.

Once you've dinged 20, you can officially get yourself a mount. No more running this way and that!

Level 10

Reaching level 10 is possibliest the easiest leveling you'll have in the game. Of course, now days if you have the right kind of equipment and a high enough guild, all levels won't be too difficult--what with the speed bonuses of high leve guilds and BoA gear that allows you to level quicker than others.

I'm veering of the track, though; that's all for another time in another post.

At level 10 not only do you acquire this achievement, but every class gets a brand new skill to go with this accomplishment. Okay, well not a skill to go with the tenth level, but you get what I mean. Just a skill or maybe more for your success in coming this far. You'll also get the ability to queue for battlegrounds if you wanted.

It's not a very exquisite accomplishment mind you, but it is something.

If you've created a Death Knight, you automatically get the achievements of the levels that would've been obtained at lower levels (10, 20, 30, 40, and 50).

Arathi Highlands Quests

In order to obtain this achievement, you'll need to complete 16 quests in Arathi Highlands. Below are the names of the quests--if you click the links provided, you'll find more information on that specific quest. This is specifically for people who don't understand how to complete a certain quest.

Also, there mmay be more quests in the zone than needed to complete the achievement. You may of course choose to do them all, or decide to stop once the achievement is met.

The quest names are listed below.

Read more...Collapse )

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