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A website for every aspect of the game.

22 January
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Hello, WoW gamers!

Who is this girl in front of her computer crazy enough to start a massive blog like this all on her own? Well, you can call me Maki, which is short for Makiata, my well-known DK on (what used to be) the Feathermoon realm that does nothing but mine ore. She now resides on Zuluhed.

I’m 23 years old, and would consider myself not the most social person in the world. In fact, I have a case of social anxiety disorder—crowds of people I don’t know make me go into a panic attack. However, as for World of Warcraft, I can be very social depending on who you are and if there’s a friendly connection. Otherwise expect me to scowl at my screen whenever you type something. I’ve not been playing since Vanilla WoW, but rather around the start of WotLK.

What have I been doing before I started playing WoW? Well, at first I drew. I’d draw all the time—I got my artistic ability from my dad who paints landscape portraits. But then my drawing muse ran off and I didn’t feel very artistic anymore. After that, I started writing. I planned on writing my own book—and I’d been doing good with one of them! But then…I started to notice all the errors, so I tossed that piece. To this day, I’m still trying to write one. Oh, and I constantly read. I can read a book a day, if I like it enough.

But yes. That is me.

As for the making of this blog; I’ve always wanted to create guides to help people (as well as myself) along in the game. By no means am I an expert. I’ll admit I make mistakes. I also never enjoyed making people pay for guides that seem to have the same information, if tweaked just a little. A waste of money, to me. And yes, I’ve bought quite a few guides.